TRIM: Tri-State Immigration Moratorium, Inc.

Please note: TRIM has been inactive as an organization since the early 2000s. Email is still checked occasionally (although months can pass), but we no longer respond to requests for interviews or media appearances. The site will remain online for historical reasons, and because we feel that the arguments made here are still sound. If you wish to become involved in immigration reform, we strongly recommend joining FAIR and NumbersUSA, both of which have proven themselves to be highly effective advocates for sensible immigration policies that serve the interests of the American people. In addition, we recommend the Center for Immigration Studies as a resource for scholarly research. All three organizations deserve your support.


Welcome to our home page! TRIM is a volunteer-based, non-partisan, grass-roots immigration reform organization, incorporated since 1995, with members in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. TRIM supports the total elimination of all illegal immigration into the United States, and a reduction in legal immigration from the current level of nearly a million per year to between 100,000 and 300,000 annually.

Why Reduce Immigration?
What Does TRIM Want?
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Why Reduce Immigration?

There is nothing wrong with most immigrants. They are mostly ordinary, decent people who happen to have been born in other countries, and on the whole they are no better or worse than people born in America. The problem is not the people, but the numbers. Even good people can cause serious problems if too many are coming too fast!

Immigration has increased radically over the past few decades. Legal immigration has leapt from 300,000 a year in the mid 60's to over 1,000,000 a year in the 90's, and the increase in legal immigration has spurred a corresponding increase in illegal immigration. (Illegal immigrants tend to come from the same countries as legal immigrants, work at the same kind of jobs, and often live with or are e